TUSCEx Shared Services Corporation

TUSCEx Shared Services Corporation is a boutique independent shared service organization that provides back-office services that help clients achieve efficiencies in the value chain by reducing costs in collaborative buying. TUSCEx Shared Services Corporation is registered in Canada with Corporation number 1172109-7.

We transform your supply chain, sourcing, purchasing, logistics, warehousing, and materials management. We promote a go green, circular, collaborative, and shared economy mindset. The Universal Supply Chain Exchange 'TUSCEx' is here to support you in your end-to-end sourcing and supply chain scope.

TUSCEx Shared Services Corporation is a boutique independent shared service organization that provides back-office services that help clients achieve efficiencies in the value chain by reducing costs as collaborative buying and minimizing risks.

Core Services
Strategic Sourcing, Independent Shared Services Procurement, Project Buying, and Business Process Transformation, Consulting and Supply chain & Outsourcing services.

Our Services

Shared Services

Supply Chain Management
Sourcing and Procurement
Logistics and Warehousing

Consulting and Implementation

TUSCEx take full responsibility not just consulting, we make it work for you till the end.

Close the deal

We give customers a reason to do business with TUSCEx.

TUSCEx Excitement Fact

Working collaboratively with stakeholders, we deliver quality and cost-efficient services with a focus on innovative solutions. We are proud of our values and our culture which are at the heart of our company. They set the standard for how we behave and work.

TUSCEx deal

They set the standard for how we behave.
• We contribute by generating savings for our clients and minimize risks.
• We enable collaboration by leveraging independent and collaborative shared services.
• We support the ability of our customers to focus on delivering their core services by providing excellent back office independent shared services

TUSCEx Vision

Establish leadership as an independent shared service supply chain, procurement, and logistics company and become a trusted partner of choice

TUSCEx Values

The right is the easiest and the best thing to do, be strong all will come along!
Be brave, not to lie, integrity and honesty will build up automatically.
Sustainable learning and open-mindedness is the ecology of us.
Use your strength every day to the best of your ability, to deliver the best value proposition and relationship.

TUSCEx Mission

Helping organizations to achieve business and societal sustainability focuses on improving solutions in key areas, such as:
1. Shared service economy and resource effectiveness
2. Sustainable value based on independent shared services
3. Trust, integrity, transparency, and traceability

Near future Goal

1. Establish trusted shared services brand image in the field of supply chain management and procurement for general supply requirements.

Measures: Cost saving, right required quality and quantity, governance.

2. Develop an organic and sustainable customer and supplier base.

Measures: Able to balance demand and supplies, within service level agreement.

Long term Goal

Run and sustain a profitable business model, with the vision to promote collaborative and shared service supply chain management.

TUSCEx with Us


Long ago as an Engineering Intern working for one of the biggest Steel Manufacturing company most of the time, I saw problems around inefficiencies (delays in materials, equipment, and services). That was the time when I decided I had more to offer to solve those problems. I have spent thirteen years in Global Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Procurement and Logistics, still, I must be on my toes to deliver the right scope, right time, right place, right cost, and the right quality. Thanks to the Technologies and Continuous Improvement we are not there where I want the world to be but, compared to what we were a decade ago we are doing good. My name is Haider, I am the Founder of TUSCEx Shared Services Corporation a Canadian Start-up. My Ultimate Goal is to create an ecosystem where small and midsize companies can work collaboratively and gain advantages from the collaborative supply chain, add value proposition while balancing sustainability, reverse logistics, environmental responsibilities, and fair business practices.